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Wetsuit Fitting and Testing


Wetsuits from 2XU, Zone 3 and Orca 


We try and carry a good stock of the above in store at all times, different peoples bodies, fit different wetsuit designers ideas of shape and size.  It is always best if you can come in store and try them, but we understand that this is awkward in some circumstances.  If you do want us to help you getting the correct fit, please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time.  We offer a 'try out service' for wetsuits.  This means that you can take your wetsuit away, test it, and if it doesn't work bring it back and we can exchange it for something different.  You've got 7 days to this, and the suit must return to us, in the condition that you recieved it.

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Your suit should fit adequately in terms of both your height and weight.  In the case that you fit into more than one size, you should opt for the smaller size.  
While wetsuits come in both men’s and women’s styles, some females prefer the fit of a men’s suit.  This is not a problem if the fit is a good one. 


On the arms, your wetsuit sleeves should finish at least one finger gap in distance from your wrist bone.  This will ensure the suit is sitting high enough and does not pull on the shoulders.

In the legs, the wetsuit legs should finish ¾ of the way down your shin.  This will ensure the suit is sitting high into the crutch. If sitting too low, the suit will pull on the top of the shoulders. 

Around the neck, the wetsuit should be firm but not to the point that breathing is restricted. If the neck bunches at all, the suit is too big.  The neck is the number one area water can enter the suit, so it needs to be secure.


Check out this videos of a very fast transition: