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We almost always have a mechanic available and these are the who's who at the Bike and Run workshop:

Steve, owner and
qualified cycle
Tony, Owner,
cycle mechanic.
Trained bike fitter

Our workshop aim is that every bike leaves our store in a safe roadworthy condition. We want all bikes to leave safe, whilst meeting the customer’s requirements and also providing good value for money. We are more than happy to discuss the failing of a bike, and educate where necessary to prevent future damage and wear and tear. We aim to turnaround a bike in our workshop in the quickest possible time to ensure you don’t have to spend too much time on public transport.
If we cannot repair your bike to a safe roadworthy condition, then we reserve the right to refuse to do any work on your bicycle. Repairing bicycles correctly and to a satisfactory level is our livelihood, and passion, and we don’t want to jeopardise that, or our reputation by letting unsafe bicycles out into the public domain.
We recommend that you call and book into our diary, or you can e mail us at  
Prices and details
Punctures: Never a problem, we try and do these ‘While-U-Wait’ to ensure that you’re off the bike for the smallest amount of time. It’s also annoying for us and other customers by having to turn away other repairs because a bicycle with a puncture is taking up our valuable space.  From £10 plus innertube. Buggy tyres are repairable also, prices from £10.
Servicing: Gold, Silver or Bronze Service? Not here. A service starts from £60 for a basic tune up/safety check, but we service a bicycle on its merits. If something doesn’t need doing, then we don’t, and therefore don’t charge you extra. All our repairs are custom tailored to the bicycle - this is to ensure you’re not paying for things that you don’t need.
Full strip down and Rebuild: We are more than happy to strip down your bicycle, clean and inspect all the parts and put it back together again with a full report. Prices from £150.
Build: Bike builds start from £120 upwards. Please call for details.
Other stuff...
Hydraulic brakes (Repair or Bleed): Depends on the model and on how long it takes... disc brakes have a hard life, so this repair/service is a timed job. 
Headset Fit: Timed job.
Cannondale Headshock/Lefty Servicing: Cartridge servicing only, bearing services are sent out to a third party.
Fork Servicing: Oil changes on most major fork manufacturers. Any other works sent out to a third party.
Build from box: This is the same price as a service. 
Easy 5 Minute Jobs: Do it yourself, it’s easy and will only take you 5 minutes.
If there is something above that we haven’t listed, then please give us a call to discuss as we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.