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Elastic Laces

If there is one thing that distinguishes a triathlete - it is elastic laces.

Yes, we may have the odd weakness at swimming, biking or running - but boy can we change our clothes fast!!!

If you have not discovered the benefits of elastic laces yet, then now is the time. They are worth a good 20-30 seconds in transition - you try taking that off your swim time!!!

Actually, once you have used these laces, you will want them for all your sport shoes - why tie laces - that is so last millennium.

  • No more fiddly laces - slip your sports shoes on & off with speed & ease
  • Great for running, triathlon, and all other multi-sports
  • Long-lasting, durable & water-resistant
  • Tested in the heat & sweat of the Californian desert, and the mud and wet of the Peak District
  • One size fits all

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