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SIS Go Gel 60ml energy+ Caffeine (Berry)

  • Smart 1 is the caffeine kick that's easy to swallow
  • Smart 1 contains potent antioxidant nutrients and Vitamin C that work together to improve performance
  • Imagine a caffeine kick helped along with blood that flows easier, down even the smallest capillaries, delivering more nutrients and stimulation to active muscles
  • Smart 1 nutrients also help reduce tension in tensed muscles, further fighting fatigue
  • Uses the award winning GO Gel structure so it's easy to swallow on themove
  • Each 60 ml sachet still contains 22 grams of carbohydrate energy; enough for 20-30 minutes of intense exercise
  • Smart 1 gels contain potent 'superfood' anthocyanins from blackcurrants and cherries and bioflavenoids from citrus fruits to give your body what it needs when it's pushed to the limits
  • Make the smart choice and supercharge your performance
SIS Go Gel 60ml energy+ Caffeine (Berry)
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