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Tannus Aither 1.1 Tyre 700 x 23

Tannus Tyre does not have any tube. It is a tyre made with a compound of polymer, with the newest technology. There is no air in Tannus Tyre. Therefore there is no chance of puncture.

You don't have to change the rim just for the tyre. If you have the existing clincher type rim, it can be retrofitted right away regardless of its size. Due to our development of the Locking Pin System, you can use Tannus Tyre on your bicycle easily and safely.

AITHER 1.1 is made from a very advanced Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin. Tannus uses a patented foaming process which allows for "fine tuning" of the compound to provide the desired comfort, grip, safety, and durability of the puncture free tyre. The chemical stability of the Aither 1.1 compound makes it completely safe from discoloration, blistering or staining, meaning the color will stay vivid for decades. 

Perhaps the greatest innovation of Aither1.1 is lowering rolling resistance to levels (+/- 5%) comparable to average pneumatic tires. Making Aither 1.1 the first solid bicycle tire without any sacrifices in speed, grip or comfort. 

This is no more just an “Evolution”, it's a “Revolution”!

  • Tannus’ road tire for long distance training
  • Can run perfectly even on any possible dangers on the ground
  • A compound made up of polymer, with the newest technology
  • It has high durability and is above average in speed and gripping ability
  • Can express one’s own fashion by color selection based on the customer’s choice

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