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High 5 4:1 Energy Sachets


Energy Source 4:1 is designed for use during endurance sport and periods of hard training. It contains 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein. High 5 reseach shows that this ratio can provide endurance athletes with more energy than carbohydrate alone and that protein protects muscles from being broken down and used as fuel during endurance training and competition. Research from Glasgow University showed that riders using EnergySource 4:1 during an 8 day Trans Alp MTB race were on average 10% faster than matched athletes using a leading sports drink containing just carbohydrates (Cathcart et al, International Society Sports Nutrition Journal, Januray 2008). Further research conducted by Mastricht University showed that compared to a carbohydrate only drink, consuming a protein and carb drink lowered the rate of protein breakdown during hard exercise by 26% and raised protein synthesis/muscle building by 33%. EnergySource 4:1 also contains High 5's High Electrolyte Anti Cramping formula , which is designed to maximise fluid uptake and minimise the onset of cramp. This box contains 12 x 47g single serving sachets.Recommended Usage - For use during exercise mix one sachet into 500ml of water and drink 500ml to 1000ml per hour. For recovery after exercise aim to drink 500ml to 750ml immediately after exercise completes.

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