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High 5 Energy Source Box of Sachets (12)


The ultimate race proven Endurance mix
High carbohydrate drink mix for sustained energy EnergySource is a concentrated complex carbohydrate (glucose polymer) drink mix, designed to provide maximum sustained energy. It contains all the essential electrolytes and with a low Osmolality, it is rapidly absorbed. Highly stable in the stomach and with a range of light refreshing flavours; EnergySource is suitable for athletes at elite and recreational levels, whose training period will run over 60 minutes.
EnergySource set the standard for high carbohydrate drinks when it was first launched 5 years ago. Today it is still Europe's leading energy drink, being used in the Tour De France every year by several of the top teams and picking up a string of Best Product Awards. Lightly flavoured with real fruit sets EnergySource apart as a taste sensation.
EnergySource allows you to change the carbohydrate concentration of your drink to suit a wide variety of conditions. It is favoured by athletes in cooler weather (e.g. open water swimmers), as well as those looking for a more cost effective solution to their energy needs.
- Pure carbohydrate fuel for training and racing
• Real fruit juice flavours for a light refreshing taste
• Highly concentrated, but not too sweet
• Immediately dissolves into cold water
• Complex carbohydrate (glucose polymer) sweetened with fructose
• Suitable for diabetics-read nutritional panel for carbohydrate breakdown
• No simple sugars added and fat free
• Numerous Awards for Best Energy Drink 1997 through 2002
• Gentle on the stomach and easily metabolised, even when you're racing hard
• Contains electrolytes for maximum water and carbohydrate absorption
• Suitable for vegetarians and GMO free

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