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X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Winter Arm Warmer

WITHOUT SEAMS. WITHOUT LIMITS. On steep descents a freezing headwind can quickly chill your arms. The X-BIONIC®ARM’S XQ-2 Energy Accumulator® protects your muscles from the cold to avoid injuries. The high-tech knit technology of X-BIONIC® warms exactly where you need it since the arms lose warmth in specific areas. When the elbow bends, a system of chambers and ducts opens out like an accordion to maintain insulation. The Expansion Ribs® gain insulating attributes instead being pulled thin. Various knit structures distribute the sweat over a large surface across the arm. The thin film of perspiration evaporates and therefore cools. Excess sweat is immediately dispersed outwards via the ARM’S XQ-2 Energy Accumulator®. With the best temperature regulation, you'll bike with more energy.

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