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Stryd Running Power Meter



Stryd, a foot-mounted power meter, measures your running efficiency, pinpoints your performance bottleneck, and guides you through personalized cardiovascular and strength training, as well as form improvements, so you can improve your efficiency and run faster. Stryd also provides the power-based training intensity control and race-day pacing you have grown to expect.

"Power is the direct measure of running efficiency."

"A big engine does not equal performance. There are systems at play not measurable by anything other than power."

“The power meter is one of the best ways to improve running economy.”

“Run efficiency ― that’s where the power meter comes in, both in training, and also in analysis.”

“This device will really help people with their endurance, their efficiency, and their longevity.”

“Running with power is all about efficiency and economy.”

"Power is telling us much more than what pace is ― it can tell us about the efficiency and the economy of what we’re doing in running."

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Stryd Running Power Meter
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